When you close your eyes and think of Japan, you’re probably picturing Kyoto: sublime Zen gardens, mysterious Buddhist temples, colourful Shinto shrines, graceful geisha.

In Japan, the beautiful and mysterious Geisha represents one of the most iconic traditions in the country. What is the best way to learn about Geisha? Although an evening with geisha and maiko entertainment is not to be cheap, it is the only way to truly witness a geisha performance and appreciate the immense training that goes into their music, dancing and hospitality. See everything from their complex makeup and hairstyle to the elegant way in which they move. By experiencing Geisha you gain a true insight into traditional Japan.

If you really want to experience Kyoto, you should consider a night or two in a machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouse). Machiya combines all the advantages of a vacation rental with the authenticity of a Ryokan. Rent out an entire townhouse and experience life as a local. There is always an abundance of attractions and sightseeing alternatives, including beloved neighbourhood restaurants, hidden specialty shops and more. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the city and culture.